About Us

Like many good innovations, West of England Stabling came about more or less by accident.  In 1998, tired of having stables trashed by ill-mannered youngsters, Hendrik Wiegersma decided to try to build himself some virtually indestructible ones using 40mm thick reclaimed hardwood and setting the panels into galvanised steel frames.  The prototypes were so successful he built some more, and then friends began asking if he could build some for them too – and before long West of England Stabling began manufacturing on a small scale, with most customers coming through word of mouth.  Since then the business has grown steadily but still offers a prompt, friendly and personal service to every customer.

Mission Statement

We produce durable, practical products to meet our customers’ needs and at prices to suit their budgets. Our understanding of each customer’s equine requirements is genuine and invaluable and we only manufacture equipment which has first been tried and tested in our own yard.