Internal Stables

Our products are robust, high quality and virtually indestructible with 60mm x 60mm steel frames. All of our stables are made to order so can be any size and design. We can combine any of our designs; for example we can supply a combination of fronts and sides, for instance T&G plastic arched fronts with reclaimed plastic partitions – as no one will see them except your horses.

Other variations and extras include arched fronts, side grilles, anti weave grilles, low level hay feeders, rug rails and barred tack room roofs for security. Bubble top 18mm solid rubber matting can also be supplied at very competitive prices – please enquire.

When planning you should consider factors such as ventilation, drainage, water supply and access. You should also work out the positioning of tack rooms, wash bays, feed and bedding storage, dung heaps, lorry parking and staff facilities as they will all impact on the final design of the project.

Not only do we design and manufacture buildings and stables for longevity we also consider the welfare of the horses. Therefore, we have designed stables which are not always the cheapest but do offer a safe environment for your horses. All of our ranges have smaller bar spacing’s than most of our competitors, as standard we use 60mm bar spacing’s and then offer a foal specification range which has bar spacing’s of 50mm.

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Partitions, fronts & extras: