Other Products

Bespoke Metal Work

If you need virtually anything metal made to order or a one off engineering project then Jake is your man!  From practical country items like parkland railings, tree guards and gates, horsewalkers, turnout pens and dog runs to sweeping curved metal framework for a stained glass window – all things are possible. Call  to discuss exactly what you are looking for.

Agstar Machinery

Specialist custom made machinery designed and built to order.

Speak to Jake about your ideas and requirements.

Galvanised Dog Runs

Using the same 7’ x 8’ galvanised panels as the lunge rings you can create a secure, safe area for the biggest dogs or the most dedicated escape artists! They can be successfully placed on uneven ground and do not need to be on a concrete base unless digging out is a major problem.  The panels hook together and produce and instant and virtually effortless containment solution without the need for fence post holes.

Equine Stocks

Equine Crush has been designed at the request of an equine dentist, our stocks have a hydraulic system with a remote control that raises and lowers the deep pad above the horse’s head with a steady, quiet movement that causes neither stress nor alarm. Once lowered to a suitable level the hose is unable to rear or lift is head out of reach. Various opening panels give access for a multitude of purposes, such a veterinary, grooming and clipping difficult horses, stud work and equine dentistry. We have consulted with all the professions concerned and over time we have modified the design according to their input and comments.

It is proving an invaluable piece of equipment and we recommend it to professional yards. As with all our products we are always aware of the safety and welfare of both horse and handler and the crush reduces the risk of injury and distress to both.

For smaller yards we can offer a more basic, budget version without the electronic controls. It will still offer you safe and calm control when performing less welcome tasks.

Equine Stock Gallery

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