American Barns

Sheltering both horses and their grooms from the vagaries of the British weather an American barn offers a neat and tidy, purpose built solution. Our barns are well insulated and tough, the exterior softwood being added as a secondary skin to the durable internal stables.

Individual boxes are standardly 12′ x 12′ and the passageway is usually also 12′ wide, giving generous space for safe manaoevering inside the barn. Of course you can have them any size you want.  Secure tack rooms, with barred roofs, can be incorporated into the design, or wash bays or feed stores – or even a coffee room for staff. The choice is yours.

Fully opening double sliding doors, with clear panels for internal light can be fitted at either or both ends, or a personnel door at one end and sliding doors at the other.

There are many options available and it is best to discuss these with Jake before you make any final decisions, his experience is invaluable and he will always save you money if he can.

External opening windows are an option that is both a healthy choice from the point of view of ventilation, but also horses love looking out at the world going by.


The internal stabling can use any of our offered materials, depending on how you want the finished product stables to look – they are all durable.  You can use a combination if you wish, e.g. reclaimed plastic partitions with tongue and groove plastic fronts.

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Price Guide

As a general guide you can estimate the cost of an American barn by working out the square footage of the ‘footprint’ of the barn and allowing £16.50 per square foot. (All prices are plus VAT)  Prices do not include groundworks or concrete base. For a detailed quote please contact the office on 01837 810049

We also supply temporary American barn stables for sale and sometimes to hire:

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