Back to backs

Back to back is most economical layout for temporary stabling as two stables share a common rear partition. These temporary stables are as sturdy as our permanent ones and are constructed using the same galvanised steel frames with virtually indestructible reclaimed plastic infill panels that are 50mm thick.

Unlike our permanent stables they do not have a second skin of external cladding and usually have ‘tin’ roofs rather than fibre cement. Guttering is an optional extra.

You can have any number you wish, for long rows we usually put covered passageways at intervals, useful for storage as well as access as shown here.

Back to backs with passage

Due to their sturdy construction, our temporary stables are not suitable for very short term use such one off events or shows but are ideal for those moving premises or waiting for planning permission, for instant extra stabling or for seasonal installations such as polo yards. Sometimes available to rent for larger installations but usually to buy.

They are generally readily resalable after use.