Walkers & Pens

Horse Walkers

Horse walkers are made to suit your needs as well as your budget. For economy you may wish to buy the mechanism and build your own surround from post and rail or use our corral fencing.  They can be built inside or outside to  accommodate between four to eight horses at a time and can have a roof if required.  A minimum diameter of 35 feet is required to site a walker.

Rubber matting can be provided and installed at sensible prices.

To work out how many mats you need subtract 5 from the diameter (feet) so if the diameter is 35 ft you will need 30 mats.

In addition to the standard rubber matting we can offer; we also fit rubber bricks as a flooring to our horse walkers.

Horse walker prices include all erection costs, lunge rings, pens and corrals are self assembly. Delivery costs apply.

Lunge Rings & Turnout Pens

All of our pens and corrals are made from galvanised steel and as standard are made from 30mm box section. However, they can be made to any design specification. All pens and corrals are constructed from panels that either clip or bolt together and are easy to assemble. Doorway sections are priced separately.

The design of the panels can vary from flat, five barred sections so that the finished corral is hexagonal to curved mesh panels which make a circular pen. All of our lunge rings are designed to be stronger and have an optional steel retainer which is designed to keep the surface in. A popular addition to the standard pen is to line each panel with 4ft rubber to enhance the safety whilst breaking in youngsters.

Panels for Corrals – flat, five barred sections so that the finished corral is hexagonal in shape. Each panel is 3m wide x 2.1 m high.

Panels for Turnout Pens – flat mesh panels (making a hexagonal shape) 02.4m wide and 2.1m high.

Lunge Rings – as above but slightly stronger and available either flat or curved to make either a hexagonal or a circle.

Walkers & Pens Gallery

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